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The nation is celebrating the 49th Victory Day with elaborate programmes paying deep homage to the martyrs who laid down their lives for the country during the Liberation War.

Bangladesh was born as an independent country on this day in 1971 after the Pakistani occupation forces surrendered following a bloody nine-month war.

Along with the government, different socio-political, educational and cultural institutions and organisations have chalked out a series of programmes to celebrate the day. Bangladeshis at home and abroad will celebrate the day.

The Liberation War Affairs Ministry cancelled military parade marking the Victory Day this year due to…

Blockchain vs. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple

Photo by Terry on Unsplash

In the eyes of experts, when it comes to blockchain, there is often no middle ground — it will either be boom or bust, nothing in between.

I for one have become a big proponent of blockchain technology, especially the crypto-economics used to jumpstart powerful network effects.

But with so many opinions and noise floating around, I thought it would be beneficial to take a deep dive into the ramifications of blockchain technology as it relates to today’s top tech companies.

Will blockchain-based alternatives unseat Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple? …

As Beijing introduces a centralized digital yuan, Chinese citizens will lose one of the last untrackable domains: paper cash

Photo illustration; source: Tim Robberts/Getty Images

Irecently started posting regularly on my Instagram account, and I have about 1,200 followers. But I wouldn’t call myself an influencer, unless I’m influencing people to write more and drink coffee, which is pretty much all I post about.

My main goal, as anyone who checks out my account would be able to see in an instant, is to have a nice place to post selfies and share a bit more of my real life. It’s not to sell anything — I don’t have a single sponsored or branded post on my feed.


Photo: picture alliance/Getty Images

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are. We. There. Yet?” That’s how Andrea Taylor, PhD, describes her own growing exhaustion with the Covid-19 trip we’re all on right now, the frustrating and inconvenient detour in the journey through the longest year ever.


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